Dalal Al-Taweel, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor,
Acting, Vice dean of Academic and Student Affairs,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Kuwait University.

Asma'a A. Al-Haqan, B.Pharm, MSc, BCPS, AFHEA

Clinical Instructor,
Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Kuwait University.

Aim: To introduce healthcare providers to research methods

Objectives: after the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss different methodological research designs and be able to understand how to undertake research in practice
  2. Write a concise research question
  3. Prepare a research proposal
Time Topic Tutor
05:00pm - 05:15pm Introduction Asma'a A. Al-Haqan
05:15pm - 05:45pm Qualitative Research Dalal Al-Taweel
05:45pm - 06:00pm Quantitative Research Dalal Al-Taweel
06:20pm - 06:30pm
Mixed Methods Research Asma'a A. Al-Haqan
06:30pm - 07:00pm Ethics in Healthcare Research Dalal Al-Taweel
07:00pm - 07:45pm Working on Research Proposals Asma'a A. Al-Haqan + Dalal Al-Taweel
07:45pm - 08:00pm Wrap-up and Evaluation Asma'a A. Al-Haqan + Dalal Al-Taweel